The Wrong Side of the Bed


The Wrong Side of the Bed (English Translation)

¿Where are this roads taking me? ¿Where am i going? Thousand of signs come to me and i try to figure them out, not always right, not always the criptographer decodes the right code. Sometimes just thinks he did it right.

But always everything starts to joined togheter, an annoyance end up being part of an oportunity that is coming. But we have to be really trained for it. We must have the luggage full of necessary things and without useless things, so we can reach walking to further places. Unthinkable places. What beautiful is life.

I am where i should be, this is the place where i should stay. Everything that happens connects magically up to make me feel in my home. I miss what i lived, the beautiful moments, but they are part of the past and i must go on. I am sure someday also miss these beautiful moments of life.

I got a gratifying feeling in myself, that wasn’t here before, i feel as i had discovered a little part of this large puzzle. I am closer, though i am far away. I am calm, though i am consumed by these nerves. I am guided, though i look a little lost.

Shasmine Cianne

The Cibernetic Frankestein




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