Get Back

Get Back (English Translation)

Sometimes it feels like fear wins the battle. I lock up behind walls and when i come out to see the world it frightens me. This week seems like whirlwind of emotions that comes and goes, don’t know how to pick the parts that flies insane and order them up. Is just another disaster, that’s life.

But thinking what would had been, what would had happened if i was there, being pronuncing the right words, being showing you that there will always be stars in the darkness. However, i hadn’t been there. So close, and at the same time, so distant.

I would like to get back. Just once. Just a second. Sort every mistake out. All of them. Or althought the most important.

Please, do not jump. Just don’t, resist one more night, one more word, other song. It could be your glorious salvation. Please, do not jump. Everything will be okay ¿Do you trust me?

¿Are you there? ¿Are you still there?

Don’t leave me alone. Please, don’t leave me.


Shasmine Cianne

The Cibernetic Frankestein



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