Dispiritedness (English Translation)

It’s gonna be a hard year. Sometimes life is not fair, i try to reflect on, look for the right side but i just can’t find it. What money buys sometimes scares, what a lot of people work hard for get it, others just get it opening their wallets. I cant find the moral.

Speaking to myself the whole night, crying fluttery tears, i didn’t get no answers, nobody explained it to me.  What am i gonna do? It’s not a good time for dreamers. Maybe life will show me the answer or maybe not.

So, I’m gonna scratch my knees, cry lots of nights more before achieve my goals, knowing that there are easiest ways but they are out of my reach. “This is life” i was thinking last night. But is it really equal for everybody? No. It’s not fair.

Never mind, i keep foward. I’m stronger than the things that money can buy, much more stronger. And the mistakes i will face them holding my head high, i will stop the meanness before they hurt me and i will get what i dream with the few things i have, by the way they worth a lot. And nothing about comparisons,  nothing about materialism, just feeling and values, only that metters.

I gotta remember myself all this things when the tears wanna came out, i must remember who i am, what i like, what it makes me happy, the song i like, the colors that inspire me, what i dream, what scares me. Take a deep breathe and keep going. Someday when i stop looking for it, will appear the moral of all these.

Shasmine Cianne

The Cibernetic Frankestein



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